Cursussen Barok- en Renaissance harp in Italië


Geplaatst: dinsdag 2 april 2013

Dear harpist,

I am the teacher of Baroque and Renaissance harp at the Conservatories Dall'Abaco in Verona and V. Bellini in Palermo, Italy. The course I teach is divided into two levels: a three years standard degree and a two years experimental degree. In both Conservatories there is also the possibility to attend a free course of one or two years.

Performers and teachers of historic harps are quite required nowadays. This course of study can enlarge harpists' professional prospects and gives the chance to deepen the knowledge of a harp repertoire that is often set aside.

At the moment there are still openings in the Conservatories where I teach: I can take into consideration applicants interested in this course and I would be grateful if you could spread the voice of this precious opportunity since, as you probably know, the tuition fees of Italian universities are relatively low.

The prerequisites to apply are good performing skills of a polyphonic instrument and a good knowledge of Harmony. Applications are due by the end of April and auditions are sometime before the beginning of the fall semester that starts in November. Enclosed please find a brief resume. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any further information.

Best regards,
Loredana Gintoli
Teacher of
Renaissance and Baroque Harp
Baroque Harp repertoire and executive praxis
Conservatorio F. Dall’Abaco di Verona (Italy)
Conservatorio V. Bellini di Palermo (Italy)

Download the PDF for more information