Veiling complete collectie bladmuziek Morley Harps


Geplaatst: vrijdag 4 oktober 2013

Michael Heseltine, Bibliographical Consultant
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Dear Sirs ,
I have been requested to sell the Morley Collection of Harp Music on behalf of the family of Clive Morley.

I have now finished cataloguing the collection, and I am approaching people like yourselves in the hope that a purchaser can be found so that the collection can be kept intact. It is thought to be the largest collection of its kind in the world, with pieces dating from the eighteenth century to the present day, and there are a substantial number of works by all the major composers for the instrument. These include N.C. Bochsa, J. Balsir Chatterton, François Dizi, Sophia and J.L. Dussek, Jean-Baptiste Krumpholtz, Théodore Labarre, François Naderman, Parish Alvars, John Thomas, and Tommy Wright.

The collection was commenced in the nineteenth century, and many of the pieces formed “Mr. Morley’s Lending Library of Harp Music”. These pieces show obvious signs of use, and usually have Morley stamps on one or more pages. Other pieces which have been disbound from volumes are usually in excellent condition.

The catalogue has been arranged in sections, starting with the manuscript music. There are a number of autograph manuscripts including works by H.B. Fabiani, Alphonse Hasselmans, T.H. Naderman, Wilhelm Posse, Heinrich Wieland, T.H. Wright, and others, some of which appears to be unpublished. A number of the manuscripts are inscribed or dedicated to Mrs. J.G. Morley.

This is followed by the eighteenth and early nineteenth century music, all of which is engraved unless otherwise described. The separate pieces and bound volumes include solos, duets with a second harp, flute, or piano forte, many with accompaniments for violin, cello, etc., and song accompaniments. Much of the earlier music appears to be quite rare: over 700 titles published in England have been checked against the British Library catalogue, half of which have not been found there.

The later nineteenth century music includes presentation and dedication copies by Charles Oberthür, Parish Alvars, John Thomas, and Tommy Wright, the majority inscribed to Mrs. J.G. Morley, and there is an excellent group of tutors by N.C. Bochsa, Cousineau Fils, Guillaume Gatayes, J.B. Krumpholtz, J.B. Mayer, F.J. Naderman, Charles Oberthür, A. Prunier, W.H. Steil and others.

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A section of traditional music dates mainly from the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries and includes a number of first editions; followed by two collections of bound music, many of the pieces with pictorial covers; related material including metal and wood moulds for harp decorations, a very good collection of portrait photographs, an extensive collection of programmes, Tommy Wright’s manuscripts; and correspondence from Sir Henry Wood and others, concluding with a section on patents relating to the harp, and reference books.

The catalogue lists the music in the various sections alphabetically by composer. The condition of the pieces has been given where necessary, and dating has been done as accurately as possible using watermarks, the publisher’s address, and the style of printing. The text is accompanied by 100 illustrations.

The asking price for the collection is £96,000. This figure is based on the total sum of the estimated prices on each item or group of items.If no firm offer been has been made or serious interest expressed by October 1st 2013, the collection will be sold at Bloomsbury Book Auctions later this year.

Please let me know if you would like to download a copy of the catalogue. If you then wish to proceed, the collection can be seen by appointment, but as there are well over 3000 pieces in the collection, as well as the programmes, portraits, reference books and other related material, housed in nearly 200 archival boxes, a request to view sample pieces selected from the catalogue would be appreciated recommended.

Yours sincerely,
Michael Heseltine.

Clive Morley
[email protected]
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