Early Music School, Constance Allanic - harp, Amsterdam

24 - 29 augustus 2015


from the 24th -29th of August I will be teaching the harp at the Early Music Summer School of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. The harp course is open to those who already play a baroque harp, and to those with a solid background in another instrument (modern harp, harpsichord...) who want to try out a harp while immersing themselves in a week full of early music.

What can you expect from this week?

*individual harp lessons: on baroque harp, but modern harpist may also work on the interpretation of baroque music on a modern harp, if they prefer.

*chamber music: for those who already know how to play basso continuo on a harp, or who can accompany a lute song. Those who don't play continuo yet will get a crash course in basso continuo & other aspects of 'historical' improvisation.

*baroque dance classes


*concerts: two students' concerts at the end of the week, and a teachers' concert on the evening of the 24th.

Closing date for application is the 29th of June (yes, that's very soon!). Tuition fee is 300 euros for active and 150 for passive participants, 50 euros for students of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. A reduction of the fee is possible in some exceptional cases, have a look at the website for the details.

For any questions concerning the harp part of the course, don't hesitate to contact me... Hoping to welcome you to the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in August! best wishes Constance Allanic